Checklist: How to Select the Right Software Provider

A simple approach to reduce risk and improve the outcomes


The effects of choosing the wrong IT&C provider can be severe and range from operational disruptions, unplanned costs, legal issues and more. On the other hand, finding the right partner can mean accelerated growth, increased profitability, better performance and many other benefits.

Our experts have written a comprehensive eBook that will teach you exactly what to look for when shopping for an IT&C provider. From our free eBook, you will learn:

–  How to conduct proper due diligence
–  The master checklist of things to look for when qualifying a potential vendor
–  How to assess their technical expertise
–  Why the price isn’t all that matters
–  Red flags to stay away from
–  How to choose the right country and why it’s important
–  Legal considerations
–  Many other valuable insights

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